Measure Software Response Times to Gain Insight into System Issues and User Impact

Unexpected delays in process completion can frustrate users and slow critical business processes. Often users are unaware what the “expected” performance of a new system is supposed to be, and in some cases come to expect chronic slow response.

This can lead to resistance when introducing new systems or prolonged periods of deficient operational efficiency.


During deployment of new modules, monitoring system response time by transaction may identify process issues, or poorly designed custom code. SAP UEM by Knoa can help monitor user specific response time by transaction or process – not simply time on task by the user, but the system response to submission.

It can also monitor and compare response time by location or device, helping to optimize performance on mobile devices or in remote locations.

Client: Ingram Micro

Issue: Superseded custom code was slowing their system response time. Essentially, junk code was slowing their system down.

Used SAP UEM data to: Monitor use over time and to understand how superseded processes were being used. Ultimately removed about 200 custom objects that were not used and were slowing system response.

This type of application performance monitoring can help the enterprise:

  • Focus on the issues that impact performance more broadly or to specific targeted groups or locations
  • Get to the root-cause of performance issues faster
  • Build and deploy capabilities faster instead of chasing issues

Report Illustration:

Response Time by Geography and Users

Report Illustration: Response Time by Geography and Users