Monitor User / Application Interaction to Quickly Identify Usability Issues

Application adoption is key to maximizing performance and ensuring return on your software investment. Enterprise applications that achieve their business objectives are successful and completely adopted by the impacted users.

SAP UEM by Knoa provides visibility to measure application usage and identify inhibitors to adoption such as clunky user interfaces, process complexity and heavy customization. With SAP UEM by Knoa, actionable data can be examined through easy-to-read dashboards that can chart and show an organization’s interactions with their enterprise software applications based on actual usage.

By identifying process bottlenecks and other errors, enterprises can more effectively allocate resources. User analytics help target investment in change management, IT and other end-user functions to help organizations deploy best practices and ensure successful adoption.

The goal of monitoring user adoption would be to:

  • Accelerate employee readiness and willingness to accept and adopt the new enterprise application
  • Streamline and expedite execution of business processes by continually monitoring usage and identifying and prioritizing improvements
  • Realize the full value of your software investment

Client: Ingram Micro

Issue: Identified when users were still using transaction codes that were going to be decommissioned.

Used SAP UEM data to: Target general and targeted communications efforts to transition users to the new transactions.

With the insight and the quantitative data provided by SAP UEM by Knoa you can determine areas for improvement and implement changes across people, process or technology resulting in faster and predictable business outcomes. You can also leverage this data as a baseline to build measureable adoption KPIs as your business scales. By consistently measuring user adoption across all devices you can ensure employee readiness as new processes and technologies are introduced.

This use case appears to have several subordinate use cases that include:

  • Identify low use functions to support timely decommissioning of superseded transactions or processes
  • Identify the most used functions and transactions to
    • Develop additional documentation or information in advance of need
    • Target training groups or individuals who used transactions more frequently
  • Identify value add/value reducing steps by monitoring time spent on specific screens or in specific transactions
  • Identify usability during testing
  • Monitor License usage

Client: CSEnergy

Issue: Slow system response time at transactional level due to geographical location of sites suggested broad changes. However, wanted to focus efforts on highest value activities.

Used SAP UEM data to: Identify the top used transactions to focus new training content, avoiding large-scape network configuration changes.

SAP UEM by Knoa can measure such application information as:

  • Real application usage and engagement across desktop and mobile devices
  • Interface complexities including number of steps to execute a process
  • Error messages that create work interruptions and slow productivity
  • Screen wait-time

And can isolate and segment data to uncover insight:

  • By geographic location
  • By business units and departments
  • By business process
  • By device type (desktop, mobile device)

Report Illustration:

Usage of Custom Transactions

Report Illustration: Usage of Custom Transactions