Reduce End-User Support Costs with Fewer Calls to Help Desk

In high-performing organizations, 80% of daily staff work involves process improvement – even the help desk. Because every defect or problem is an improvement opportunity.

Traditional IT performance monitoring and management tools lack the ability to detect or identify the majority of the issues reported by end-users. As a result, hours or days are spent investigating to identify the cause or even document the works steps that result in the error.

SAP UEM by Knoa enables your IT teams to immediately identify what the user is experiencing. The service desk can even be notified before the end-user even opens a ticket or picks up the phone. The service desk team has full visibility into the complete user journey, including the exact errors encountered.

With this information, the service desk can be more proactive, addressing issues and suggesting changes to training or documentation before the issues become widespread.

This ability to identify the source of the error enables users to reduce time spent on the phone with the help desk. Additionally, SAP UEM by Knoa improves help desk KPIs including mean time to resolution (MTTR), first call resolution rates and escalation accuracy.

Client: Johns Manville

Issue: High percentage of errors from a small group of users. Half of errors came from very small number of transactions. High number of help-desk calls.

Used SAP UEM data to: Identify how the user got the error, and how the user attempted to fix it. Could more quickly identify appropriate remedy and improve training. Also identified transactions for usability improvements. Combination of actions reduced calls to help desk by over 80% year over year.

Organizations that use SAP UEM by Knoa can expect to see:

  • Increased help desk efficiency and productivity
  • Improved end-user experience with IT support
  • Expedited issue identification and resolution

Report Illustration:

Top Users with Support Issues

Report Illustration: Top Users with Support Issues